Can organisms change from Carnivore to Herbivore?

Humans can choose what they want to eat, but are carnivorous animals change their diet to eat plants and Herbivorous animals eat meat? Carnivores are made to eat meat and obtain a high calorie intake. Herbivores are designed to eat plants and have an average to low calorie intake. It is possible for these diets to be more varied, but not anytime soon.

Carnivores diets contain of eating meat that contains a lot of calories. However, carnivores can sometimes eat plants. If they cannot find meat they will eat some plants. However, they cannot survive on eating plants, otherwise they would be considered an herbivore. Sometimes a carnivore only eats vegetation because they had eaten an animal that had recently eaten vegetation. Carnivores today have evolved from fish. Their ancestor fish could only eat meat and other water life. So there has been changes to their diet because carnivores today can consume and digest plants, but they cannot have it be a major factor in their diet.

Herbivores diets is composed of eating plants. Like the carnivores herbivores are to eat meat, only they will not be able to break down and digest the meat that they had consumed. Therefore an herbivore is unable to consume meat. Their digestive system is only able to break down plants and get the nutrients out of the plants that they eat. Herbivores have no major changes in their diet regarding what they eat. They have only one diet and they stick to it. The diets of their herbivore ancestors is the same as what their diets are today.

Can carnivores become herbivores? Carnivores may change their diet slightly over time to consuming very little amounts of vegetation, however, the odds of this is very unlikely. The diets of these to types of consumers are to natural. They have been looking for certain types of food to the point where they would not look for other types of food to eat. These two types of consumers depend on each other to survive. The levels of vegetation would be low if carnivores consumed plants as well as herbivores. These two types of organisms balance each other out by theit diets. Without each other they would not survive.


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3 thoughts on “Can organisms change from Carnivore to Herbivore?

  1. I had no idea that carnivores could eat any kind of plant. One question I do have is how long do scientists think it may be before herbivores can eat meat on a regular basis?

  2. All carnivores can and will become herbivores in time if trained appropriately. Eating of anything is also a defect in genetic evolution. I have proof of this.

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